Sunday, September 14, 2014

Word Souvenir from a trip to Portland, Oregon - POSSIBILITY

Possibility - a future prospect or potential

The word POSSIBILITY emerged when I recently perused a stack of photos from our visits to Portland, Oregon.

Anna moved to Portland in December, 2008. Our first visit to the "Rose City" was in April 2010. We took the train from the airport to our hotel giving us an immediate idea of the priority of public transportation in the city. Walking to our hotel room from our train stop, we passed several city buses also available to transport patrons using a common pass.

For the next few days, we followed Anna's brisk pace up and down the streets, meeting her friends, visiting her place of employment, trying her favorite coffee shops and enjoying meals at restaurants she'd been waiting for us to try. Snow-capped Mt. Hood graced every part of the city we explored.

Three places offered a prospect or potential for the future - possibility.

1. The first picture I took was in Anna's studio apartment which did no have much space for decorating. Along one wall she hung ten picture frames. Only two frames had pictures; the other eight were empty... waiting for the possibility to display a piece of art or a photo of a memorable experience.

2. Walking down the street on the way to coffee one morning, we passed a cleaning and alteration store. On the wall was a large wooden rack holding over three hundred spools of various colors of thread. I was in awe of this unique display of color, imagining the dresses, pants, shirts, and blouses that received the possibility for "new life" from a tailor's hand. Thread offered possibilities ... new ways for a tear or hem in an article of clothing to be held together and repaired.

3. A collection of thirty clay pots lining a short section of sidewalk across the street from Anna's apartment caught my eye. Half of the pots were filled with plants, while the remaining empty ones offered the possibility to hold dirt and seeds. Flowering plants could bloom from these pots, creating the possibility for additional beauty along the curb.

My Portland brought new perspectives on a familiar word. What words come as you see various objects or have experiences and encounters throughout your day?

Now, I wonder if Anna has filled any more of her frames? Another visit is in order to check the status of the apartment wall!

Prayer: God, you come to us in many ways - one of which is words. So many possibilities come from life in you. Move us deeper into how you created us so we can see the possibilities we have to grow in faith so we can serve with faith and love in your kingdom. Amen.


  1. I love the way you see things--you see possibility in so many places others would just walk on by. I think that says a lot about your attitude toward life--you see the glass half full, you assume the best of people, you are full of hope and life. You live a life of possibility every day when you step out the door and watch for God at work!

  2. I love this! Such a great way to look at the world!

  3. Aww, mom! What a sweet post reflecting on what you saw on that visit. I don't have the "frame wall" anymore, but maybe I should reinstate it soon! love you xo