I married Mike, a retired United Methodist pastor, on August 10, 1974. We have two daughters: Sarah, an art teacher in Denver, and Anna a marketing and social media strategist in Portland, Oregon. I was a speech pathologist for 36 years and tutored students in a variety of subjects, but I’ve retired from that work and now I’m a spiritual director, writer, artist, and retreat leader. I write regularly for SpouseConnect, a website geared toward clergy spouses, and have written for The Indianapolis Star newspaper.

{A special note for Jacquie Reed's faithful readers.... Jacquie enjoyed writing as a way to express her insights and share her creativity but also as a way to more deeply connect with the people she held dear. Thank you for sharing your thoughts about the topics in her posts and interacting with her ideas and art while she was living. Posts published after November 5, 2021, were written and scheduled by Jacquie in the weeks before her unexpected death. Her remaining posts go through February 2022. Please feel free to respond with your memories of Jacquie in the comments of each post. May the words she left behind minister to you as you grieve her passing and remember her life. You can find her obituary here.}

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  1. And you are a source of endless love & inspiration to those two daughters! Love you xo