Sunday, September 28, 2014

A Few Lines of St. Patrick's Prayer

Today as I walked into the hospital were I'm a volunteer, I held open the door for the person behind me.

I heard a deep masculine voice chuckling. "Now my mother taught me I was supposed to open the door for you!"

Turning around I saw a tall, stocky older gentleman dressed in faded overalls and a blue T-shirt holding a single rose wrapped in florist paper.

Laughing I replied, "Looking over my shoulder when I go through a door is a practice I started several years ago. You can open the next door", I suggested pausing in the entry way between the two doors leading to the hospital.

Many years ago I wanted to find ways to honor people, whether I know them or not. The simple act of holding the door for the person behind me to walk through is a way to honor Christ who lives in all and affirm a stranger who happened to cross my path. Not knowing what others are dealing with, I like to offer at least one act of kindness a person can remember from his or her day.

These lines from the prayer of St. Patrick, remind me to bring holiness to a common act:
                           "Christ be with me, Christ within me.
                            Christ behind me, Christ before me."
Christ lives within me, so when I honor those who are behind and before me, I honor Christ.

Although automatic doors open automatically, there are many manual doors everywhere, offering opportunities to spread God's love behind.

Prayer: Guide us to become more aware of simple ways to honor you  and your children. As we affirm others we affirm you. Amen.

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