Monday, September 1, 2014

Word Souvenirs from Vacation - How do I put them in a scrapbook? - Part Two

I taught a three day class at Chautauqua called, “Praying with Paint, Paper, Pencil and Sand”.  Part of the class included sharing a way of praying developed by Sybil MacBeth described in her book Praying in Color.

I heard her speak several years ago in Indianapolis. Adapting her way of praying into my own style seemed natural since I like art.  I showed the class two framed pictures of how I used color to pray.  Giving them homework for the next day was their challenge.  I told them, I too, would complete the assignment and together we could share our picture prayers the next day.

Spending time by the lake is peaceful for me so I starting my prayer with a picture of the lake.I added two sailboats, which dot the lake all summer, and a kayak that I rented for an hour.  I finished the picture by painting a blue sky above the water. I also wrote four words that came to me during my quiet time of prayer.
Sharing our pictures of prayer the next day was inspiring, as God spoke to each of us in different ways.
When I arrived home, I wrote the four words (Inviting, Impromptu, Snippets and Holding) on long strips of paper and “framed” my picture of the boats.
I plan to spend time reflecting on these words and the picture wondering how God will use my “souvenirs” in the days ahead. Although my scrapbook will only contain two photos, I will record my thoughts and drawings.

Prayer: God, thank you for ways you give us to remember vacations. Souvenirs come in many forms. Some we can savor and enjoy like maple syrup and apple butter. Others, like words or pictures can be used for reflection to process our time away. For whatever you give us we are grateful.  Bless our souvenirs which remind us of your goodness to us.  Amen. 

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