Sunday, August 23, 2020

Profanity in the Starbucks Drive-Through

 Profanity in the Starbucks drive-through?  Here's what happened.

After swimming laps, I am always thirsty. Last Saturday, I got out  of the pool, grabbed my towel, gym bag and headed for the car. My water bottle was in the front seat. I anticipated a refreshing, chilled drink - or so I thought.

The car was hot when I opened the door. Standing outside, I reached across the driver's seat for the red container, but when I picked it up, I could tell it was empty. Opening the lid, my suspicion was confirmed, no chilled water.

The Starbucks down the street from the YMCA is one of my favorites.  I quickly reached the drive-through noting the long line of cars. I didn't mind - I was thirsty.

After a few minutes, I ordered an iced tea. I could only move a few inches because of the cars ahead. Suddenly, I heard a loud, angry voice in the car behind me.     "Would  you get the f______ out of the way so I can order!!"

Startled by this woman's outburst, I crept forward as much as I could, but unfortunately not enough for her to get close to the speaker.. While I waited, she continued to shout. She appeared to be in an argument with someone on her phone.

Eventually, the other cars approached the window allowing me to round the corner. I could hear her place an order. Sadly, her loud and angry yelling continued to fill the air.

When the barista greeted me, I handed her a twenty dollar bill, explaining I wanted to pay for the person behind me. I didn't know what was causing her anger and discomfort, but I hoped when she reached the window and was told her bill was paid, she felt a moment of love and care.

Driving away, I prayed the woman, would soon experience a calm and peaceful heart.

I often ask God to put people in my way who need a word of encouragement or love. My prayer was answered last Saturday.

Prayer: God, thank you for putting me in the right place last Saturday so I could extend your love to the woman behind me. I pray you will always keep me alert and responsive to those I encounter. Amen.

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  1. I would be so disconcerted and disturbed by that lady's outburst, I would not have thought to offer a gesture of goodwill in hopes of calming her and helping her experience kindness and generosity. You give people the benefit of the doubt. I admire that. I doubt if I would naturally have been so thoughtful and empathetic, but in the future...maybe I will. Because I'll think back to this interaction you described so well.