Sunday, June 7, 2015

Walking - A Way to Reduce Stress for Me, but For the Animals........ hmmmmmmm

Today I went for a walk in the morning when the day was fresh and beginning. The streets were empty as those who had to work were gone. Even those who I occasionally see walking dogs must have been sleeping or not ready to greet the day outside.

Quiet brought clarity in the sounds of chirping birds, each cadence quickly discerned blending together like different parts of a symphony or band performing a concert of nature's music.

Noting the color of squirrels who move quickly through the trees and brush along my path, I realized how grey and white fur provides camouflage for these animals as they blend in with shades of green, brown and gray in the foliage and rocks.

I saw two geese paddling across the pond, the water still, tree reflections over the water creating an image like a mirror. One squirrel scurried across the road in front of me, a nut latched securely in his/her mouth.

Reflecting on the birds singing, the geese swimming, the squirrels hurrying among rocks and fallen leaves, reminded me how people talk about finding peace in nature.

I've heard men and women reply 'nature' when asked where they go to experience peace or have time to reflect. The rhythm of watching squirrels gather nuts in the fall, watching birds build nests in the spring, seeing rabbits in my back yard dig holes and eat flower tops is captivating - sort of like being an "intruder" to their daily life.

People say watching animals in nature or leaves falling from trees or walking in forest brings peace, but two questions arose from my walk.

As the squirrels gather food, birds build nests, geese swim, squirrels run, and birds chirp, they look peaceful, but are there stresses in their lives too? Do these creatures look peaceful in their pursuit of everyday life to human observers, while in reality, their tasks have elements of risk about which we cannot know? Are birds stressed to find food or items to build a nest in a timely manner?

A second question occurred - Would someone watch humans purchase food, prepare, organize and care for a house find relaxation and peace?

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  1. A sobering question for us to ponder. How restful do our lives look?