Sunday, June 28, 2015

I ate the cake!!!

I ate the cake!

We picked up the cake for Anna's 30th birthday at the vegan bakery earlier in the day when we were walking around Portland with her sister and Ryan, Sarah's then boyfriend. I placed the cake on a small table covered with a black cloth in the corner of the party room, where plates, forks and festive napkins waited to serve their function.

Usually avoiding sweets, I decided to have a piece of the vegan cake, curious about the taste. Even Sarah asked, "Mom, are you having cake?" as she remembered my aversion to high calorie items.

"I thought I would try a piece," I replied, ready to savor an unusual morsel!

The plates were gone when I cut my piece, which landed on one of the birthday napkins I purchased for the occasion. I sliced a corner covered with half-inch icing, and popped it into my mouth --- oh my!! What an experience to enjoy a flat-tasting cake camouflaged with delicious icing. I entered the fullness of the party by partaking of cake, which Sarah recorded in a photo.

When I licked the fork wanting to get every spot of icing, I thought how much the kingdom of God is like tasting a piece of birthday cake. I realized by eating cake, I was able to participate in all aspects of the party - planning the event, greeting and meeting guests, giving presents and eating cake. When I ate the sweets with everyone else, I left nothing out of the joy of the moment.

So often I deny myself the pleasure of full participation in events, however, in that rich icing day, I learned how complete immersion added meaning and depth.

I could not help but see a parallel to taking communion as a way to fully participate in God's kingdom. Be not afraid to come to the table and partake of the holiness of life in Christ.

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  1. What a great reminder that we can enjoy more than the Spartan minimum, surviving only on the basics of bread and water. God wants to lavish us with gifts, and we can enjoy the fullness of joy, especially with family and friends, celebrating--it's a foretaste of the banquet feast!