Sunday, March 22, 2015

Simultaneously Light and Dark

We recently flew to Portland, Oregon, to help Anna celebrate her thirtieth birthday. On the return leg of our trip from Denver to Indianapolis, we departed at 6 p.m. We flew in light for most of the way however, about an hour from landing, I looked out the window and noticed darkness below.

I was in an interesting place, 30,000 feet above ground with darkness below, simultaneously seeing light from the sun above. Remembering times of darkness in  my life, I knew that despite what I was going through I would eventually see a breakthrough to light. Light was hovering above the darkness like I witnessed in the airplane; I just couldn't see it or feel it.

I am reminded of John's words about light and darkness at the beginning of his gospel.

John 1:5 - The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has never put it out.

John is saying that whatever darkness we experience in life - our own sin, loss, challenging circumstances, impaired relationships -it is not strong enough to block or extinguish the light of Jesus, the source of light, love, strength, encouragement or whatever we need to get through what life presents.

Shortly before we landed the pilot came over the loud speaker and said, "We are preparing for our final descent before landing."

As the plane got closer to the ground, darkness gradually engulfed the cabin. However, when I looked out the window one more time, I could still see light - the always present upper layer of darkness. I saw metaphorically the words of John 1:5. My experience holding darkness and light simultaneously will serve as a reminder and encouragement that no matter what I am experiencing, the light of God is there, too.

Prayer: God, thank you for moments when we see and realize your truths through moments in your kingdom. You paint pictures to illustrate scripture giving us an image to carry and remind us always of our presence. Amen.


  1. I've seen that, too, the light and dark at the same time from above. You've helped me see a deeper application or understanding, though, than merely noting it as I'm in the airplane. I might have just nudged my husband and said, "Hey, look, honey! It's dark down there, but we can see the light at the same time. That's weird." But you took it to the next level, reminding yourself that even during times of darkness, the light of Christ shines. I need to be reminded of it, too. Thank you for pointing me to it. "Hey, Ann, it can be dark where we live, but the light shines, always. Remember that next time you're sitting in darkness." I'll remember. Thanks to your writing.