Sunday, March 8, 2015

A Simple Gesture - Looking Behind

When you open a door in a store, a church or another type of building, always look behind you. If someone is coming, hold the door open to show honor and respect to another human being.

The kindness you show may be the only positive experience in that person's life that day.

I can remember experiencing a dark time a few years ago. Going to the store took great effort on my part during those days. However, the kindness of the cashier who automatically said, "Hello, how are you?" offered light which I received and carried home in my heart along with the groceries I purchased.

 A simple act of kindness, carried home in your heart. Yes, we never know what others have on their minds. Remember to smile. Hold the door. Ask, "How are you?"

Prayer: God, we are called to be light to others as you are light to us. Keep us attentive and aware of those around us, guiding us to simple gestures of kindness, reflecting the love we have for you. Amen.

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