Thursday, November 13, 2014

Poems for Friday

(Recently I wrote three poems, all ending with the words, "All is well." The context for each poem is described below.)

Poem One - (Written while listening to a local author speak to a group of young mothers. The subject of the poem is the music stand holding her talk.)

A stand holds
Things that are light,
But heavy in meaning.
Doubly anchored on
Each side
Connecting top to bottom.
All is well.

Poem Two - (I was working in the reading room of the Carmel library, looking at the burgundy wall.)

Bright burgundy wall
Covering marks
Or patches;
Beauty over wounding
All is well.

Poem Three - (Written after enjoying a visit with a friend over a beautiful teapot and matching cups she received as a wedding present from one of her bridesmaids.

A flowered china teapot
Seeped blueberry delight
Poured in cups
With a ladybug waiting inside.
A yellow butterfly
Attached to the pot's handle.
Friends chat.
All is well.

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