Sunday, June 22, 2014

Unsuspected Vessel

Twice during the past three weeks, I had chance encounters with people who told me, "I believe God wanted me to run into you today."  I was completing errands both times, purchasing groceries and paying a bill at the print shop.  I ran into women whom I had not seen for over a year, whom I did not know well.  One was a former employee at the grocery store, the other I met in a yoga class in which I had not participated for two years.

I spoke to these women, one about going to the YMCA and the other about a yoga class at the Indianapolis Museum of Art.  Both said before we parted, "I believe God wanted me to run into you today."  God affirmed a truth I've known for years, God can work through me when I complete ordinary tasks like running errands.

Most of Jesus' ministry occurred traveling in towns and villages meeting people in their homes, in the marketplace, in the temple, on a hillside, by a lake and other places.  Jesus entered conversations and discussions with words of direction to those who desired to love and serve God.  Many of Jesus' interactions and responses of people are recorded, but not all.  I wonder what others who were part of the crowd or perhaps eavesdropping thought or gained from listening to God's son?  Did a husband or wife or two friends say to each other at the end of the day, "I believe God wanted me to hear Jesus today."

I had no idea my words, which were not offered at a workshop I often lead or in a sanctuary or other 'holy' place, were important.  My experience reminds me of God's presence everywhere,  and how my words, which were not about advice or direction, were important for these women.

Everyone is God's messenger.  I did not perceive what I shared with the two women as out of the ordinary, however, they must have needed to hear what I said.  I am grateful for the ways God works through me in unexpected ways.

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  1. You just went about your day, and God worked through you. That's the way to step with the Spirit.