Thursday, June 26, 2014

A 'Found Poem' for Friday

Found poems are made by taking phrases or portions of a sentence from a book or magazine or other written material, and putting together in a new form. 

When my parents died in January, 2013, I received over one hundred cards.  During the months I was processing their loss, I took portions of thoughts contained on the cards, and made several found poems. 

Here is the first found poem I wrote using pieces of ten sympathy cards:

Someone will keep your troubled heart.
Holding it close, with peace coming in the grasp during a difficult time.
Words are inadequate to express concern and sympathy,
When deepest comfort is needed for the heart.
Jesus reminds us, "I give unto you my peace.  Let not your heart be troubled."

What do you read that you can remold into something new?

1 comment:

  1. "peace coming in the grasp" and then "I give unto you my peace." I see the hand grasping for the peace Jesus gives. Good words. Peace for the troubled heart (love how it begins and ends with the hope and then the answer).

    You pose an interesting question: what do I read that I can remold into something new? How can I craft a found poem--a kind of verbal quilting exercise.

    I read magazines sometimes. Those could be found poems. I wonder if deconstructed emails would offer fun content for a found poem?