Thursday, April 2, 2020

A Few Thoughts for Trying Times For Everyone

Going through a drawer the other day, I found a piece of writing I presented many years ago to a group of young mothers (MOPS) at my church. I put together ten thoughts adapted from Mother Teresa's top ten I'd read in a magazine.

Here are my top ten thoughts for these days of challenge and isolation for all people, hoping one may give you encouragement.

1. Miracles come everyday - be alert for them - when a child accomplishes a skill, when we have a few moments to sit and read, when everyone likes a new dish for dinner,when someone learns to ride a bike, when a flower blooms, when you hear God's voice and respond.

2. Remember to keep an empty bowl somewhere in your house as a reminder emptiness leaves room for God to come in.

3. Think about experiences which have caused you to grow - have these been in ordinary times or in moments when you've felt stretched?

4. Anything done with love, however seemingly insignificant reflects God.

5. Simplicity opens the pathway to God. What can you live without? Simplifying life enables one to focus on each person you encounter in your family, with friends, or people you meet.

6. Treat each person -  as if they were Jesus - everyone is created in God's image, including you, your family, friends, and people everywhere.

7. What did Jesus say about possessions? What sort of items did Jesus have? Can you trust God to provide everything you need?

8. Treat everyone with love.

9. Psalm 46:10 - Be still and know that I am God. Mother Teresa began praying each day at 4 am., trying to find the silence of her heart where God talked to her. Her motto was:

"The fruit of silence is prayer."
"The fruit of prayer is faith."
"The fruit of faith is love."
"The fruit of love is service."
"The fruit of service is peace."

10. It's easy to write a check, but more effective to serve a meal or take pledges for a charity walk.

Prayer: God, during these times of isolation help us take time to go deeper into our souls and find new spaces of your presence. We pray daily for healthcare workers, grocery employees and others who are caring for us. We pray healing for those affected by the virus. In your expansive mercy we come to you, knowing our life in you is the deepest place of meaning. Amen.

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