Sunday, April 14, 2019

Questions for Holy Week

Lent is just about over.

Typically, during Lent, Christians are asked to look inward and spend time in self-examination. Here are a few questions for reflection as Holy Week begins. Perhaps, as you answer each one, you will come upon a new insight or perspective about yourself or God to carry you into the days after Easter.

1. Where or when do I encounter God's presence?
2. What name do I call God?
3. What does God call me?
4. God's word for me today is _____.
5. I need to forgive __________.
6. I am in awe of God's _____.
7. I sense that God wants me to ____________.
8. God is challenging me to __________.
9. An object that reminds me of God is _________.
10. How has God been present for me today?
11. The greatest joy of my life with God is _____________.

Prayer: Thank you, God, for Lent when we can set aside time in our lives to rest in your light. We are happy for Easter, when Jesus becomes eternal light to fill our hearts each day. Amen.

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