Sunday, February 26, 2017

Winter Walk in Three Parts

Part 1

We went to the woods
That day in late December,
Unseasonably warm at 44 degrees
To find fresh air and
Walk a trail.

Leaves formed a brown quilt
With many hues
Of nature’s earthy color,
To cushion our steps
As we walked along
The rugged muddy trail.

Trees stripped of leaves
Stood like pegs set in a Styrofoam base,
The full internal pattern
Of branches, like trails,
Showing extensions
Of the tiniest stretch.

Kelly green and navy jackets
And a magenta stocking hat,
Offer contrast to the
Winter sticks of
Gray and brown. 

Part 2

A few days later
I returned
To the woods
Where we found fresh air,
A trail,
Laughter and discovery.
I tried to capture
The moments we shared –
But it wasn’t the same
Because you
Weren’t there.

Part 3

I’ll return, though,
And again
Because we were there
You left a memory
On the trail and
In the woods
I can recall
To soothe my heart
While you are gone.
I look forward
To the next walk
In the woods.
I will return
And I will find you there
As I walk among

The trees.

1 comment:

  1. I love the way you mingle the first walk with the memory of the first walk. When you go on the walk without the person who made "we," the memory first made you lonely, then brought comfort. Then you promise to go back many times. It's a wonderful flow in this poem, and a reminder of the role of memory in our lives.