Sunday, September 25, 2016

Words From The Marketplace

Thoughts or new perspectives can come from unexpected places. Here are a few words of wisdom that came as I was "passing through life" the past few weeks.

The Kroger Parking Lot - Nora section of Indianapolis

During a recent rainy Saturday, I went to my favorite Kroger on the north side of Indianapolis. When I got out of my car I noticed a Kroger employee gathering grocery cards that were scattered across the parking lot.

I asked, "What happens when it rains and you are collecting the carts?"

"I get the good Lord in my face," she replied with a big grin.

"Now that's a new perspective!" I dodged the rain drops as I opened my umbrella and rushed into the store.

My Church - Indianapolis

John, the custodian at the church I attend, is a retired postal service employee who was part of a class I taught on prayer a few years ago.

When I go to the church every Monday night to lead a support group, John is usually vacuuming the carpet. His positive, upbeat attitude is always refreshing.

One evening, I asked how he was doing and he replied, "Making things happen!"

"That's a great motivating phrase," I replied, reflecting on how I can take the initiative to bring about good in the world.

Indiana University North Hospital - Carmel

Louise, the director of volunteer services at the hospital where I volunteer every Tuesday is a former nurse. She managed a floor for many years before taking a part-time job with volunteer services.

Louise is full of wisdom gain from dealing with patients, families and hospital staff.

When I recently finished my shift, I overheard her talking to a new volunteer. "Always manage up," she offered.

She later explained when I asked about the phrase, "Always be positive and encouraging with people." Although she was referring to guests, patients and staff in the hospital, her words can apply to any interaction.

Walking through the rain in the grocery store parking lot, talking with a custodian at church and listening to a former nurse in an office - unsuspecting places to glean wisdom, in the  "marketplaces" of my life.

For your reflection:

1. Keep your ears attuned when you go different places throughout your day. Where do you find wisdom? Who is an unsuspecting carrier of reflection for your day?

2. Record thoughts of strangers or others that you hear in passing or in conversation. with those you know. How can these thoughts enter your heart and bring new insight to your life?

Prayer: God, thank you for people who spread your word with phrases that have come to them through their life experiences. Keep our ears and hearts open to receive what you want us to capture in the marketplace of life. Amen.


  1. These are all so delightful! My favorites are: "I get the good Lord in my face" and "Making things happen!"