Sunday, December 7, 2014

From What Perspective Would You Have Liked To Witness The Birth of Christ?

There are many persons, animals and objects who/which are part of the Christmas narrative. Select one every day in Advent. Tell why you chose each one.  Describe the perspective the person, object or animal witnessed  before, during or after the birth of Christ.

For example, I chose the donkey because this animal could hear all of the conversations between Mary and Joseph as they traveled to Bethlehem, during their time in the stable, and as they left for Egypt. The donkey could have been a wonderful reporter recording the most intimate remarks during and after the day Jesus was born, writing an inspiring and interesting account of the birth and travels.

     "Was Mary patient?" "How did Joseph respond to her?" "What were Joseph's feelings as he walked beside the donkey?" "How did Joseph and Mary process the lack of space to stay with the eminent birth of Jesus?" "What did Mary say during labor?" "What were Joseph's words when Jesus was born?" 'How did Joseph explain to Mary the need to travel to Egypt, again on a donkey with an infant?" "What did Joseph and Mary think when townspeople walked by to look at the family - was there interaction?" "Did anyone bring Mary and Joseph food after Jesus' birth?" "What conversation occurred among the shepherds when they saw Jesus?" "Did they talk to Mary and Joseph?" "Was Jesus a fussy baby?"

The donkey could have answered all of these questions and filled in even more information about the many days he spent with Mary and Joseph.

Which person or animal will you choose among the ones listed below? What are your experiences with these reflections? Let me know what path your reflection follows.

Mary - Joseph - Jesus - donkey - stable - manger - innkeeper - other people traveling to Bethlehem - sheep - shepherds - star - wise men - angel - Simeon - Anna - townspeople of Bethlehem, adults and children,  walking by the manger - merchants -

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  1. You've got my imagination going, Jacquie! We spoke earlier about the perspective of the star luring people to Bethlehem, but I LOVE your idea of the donkey and all the intimate conversations it would have been privy to! I'm also thinking it might be interesting to be a passerby hearing a baby in the stable--curious enough to stop, perhaps, and wonder, and maybe peer in but then have conflicting feelings about not wanting to interrupt or bother the new parents and then going home curious about the whole thing or feeling sorry for them. I wonder how often I do that with people who need help? Maybe Joseph looked like he had it under control and Mary and Jesus were peaceful...I guess it would depend on the point at which the person passed by. See? You've got me thinking!!