Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Stirring the Waters

John 5:1-9 describes a pool close to the Sheep Gate called Bethsada, where, those who were sick lay around the water, waiting for it to move.  Occasionally an angel from the Lord went into the pool and stirred the water.  The first sick person to go into the pool after the water was stirred received healing from whatever disease he or she had.  On Jesus' visit to Jerusalem for a religious festival, he went to the pool and visited those gathered.

I carry these verses in my heart every time I swim.  Before I begin, I take a few moments to sit on the edge of the pool and swirl the water with my hands.  I ask God to bless my swimming.  I thank God for the ability to move my limbs so I can exercise regularly.

Swimming is a metaphor for the way God hold us.  The water supports me as I go from one end to the other.   I receive comfort when the water glides over me.  God is in the water because I am never the same person when I complete my laps as when I began.  God works through each stroke and kick, giving me what I need.

I recently wrote the following prayer when I returned home from one of my swims.

       God who stirs the water,
       You give me what I need with each stroke and kick.
        I breathe you in and give the water whatever I want.
        You receive my words, you hold me.
        You cleanse my soul and body with every lap.
        God, I worship you when I swim.
        I praise your kindness and love. Amen.

What passages of scripture do you see each day?  How do your favorite verses come alive in everyday life?

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