Sunday, January 6, 2019

The Logistics of Praying for Others

"Will you pray for my mom? She's having surgery next week."
"My sister is having a difficult pregnancy. Can you keep her in prayer?"
"I was just diagnosed with depression. I am really scared. Will you pray for my doctor to find the best course of treatment to help with my mood changes?"

Sunday after church has always been a busy time when people come to me asking for prayer. I scrambled to find a small piece of paper in my purse to record their request or relied on my memory to recall their needs.

However, when I prayed each morning during the week, I often couldn't find my scrap of prayer requests or remember who I had promised to lift up in prayer. I needed to find an organized way to pray for friends as well as my family so I could be faithful to those who trusted me with their joys and concerns.

A Solution

One day, I was walking through the school supplies section of Target. I noticed a stack of unlined index cards and had an idea. I purchased several packages of cards and put together a plan for my prayer life.

On the first card, I wrote names of friends alongside their circumstances. On the reverse side, I wrote names of friends who were pregnant. I started this practice in July, and by December, the card was covered front and back with names, some crossed off as their situation resolved.

I also created a separate card for my husband, our two daughters, their husbands and myself. I put their initials at the top of the card.

Each day, I write the date and my prayer for them. By December, each one has at least five cards covered front and back with my prayers for the year. In early January, each year, I write an individual letter of love and encouragement to my daughters and their husbands. I wrap the letter around their cards so they can see how I prayed for them. The final step is mailing the letters and the cards.

I have found, over the years, that using index cards is an efficient way to organize and record my prayer life.

For Your Reflection

1. What system do you use to pray for other or circumstances in our world?

Prayer: Thank you God for helping us solve problems as simple as creating a meaningful way to pray for those I love. Amen.

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